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Do all the candidates give their positions in writing? Here you can learn exactly what John Wayne Tucker thinks about the issues and political news items concerning our country. Take some time to look through the articles below. We hope after you're finished that you will have a clear understanding of what John Wayne Tucker and his campaign is all about.


Having Tax Day Blues in St. Louis? - 15 April, 2010

Having Tax Day Blues in St. Louis?

Posted on 15 April, 2010 by admin

Tax Blues

Here it is April 15th again and ah yes, it is tax day. It is probably certain that a lot of people in the 3rd Congressional District of St. Louis are having the blues because of tax day. For many, it is a day that reminds them that the economy is certainly not what it used to be. Perhaps, it is a day that reminds you of how long you have been looking for work to no avail because this economic stimulus that was supposed to create all of those jobs has not worked. Perhaps, it is a reminder that you have worked harder for less money. Perhaps, you have already received a refund and spent it. Perhaps you owed money and have already paid it or maybe you are one of the people who have just not been able to find the time to do this undesirable and unwieldy task until the last minute and now you are in a panic.

Whatever your situation today, most Americans are thinking one of two things or possibly both things; taxes are way too high and/or there has to be a better way of doing this.

If you are thinking your taxes are too high, there is little doubt of that. Unfortunately, the direction that our country is headed will likely cause them to be a whole lot higher before long. In 1901, your share of the national debt of $2,143,326,934 would have been $28.00 per person. As of this writing, the national debt is $12,838,903,324,356.59. Your per person share of this is $41,659.91. That is the share for every single person who is here legally at the present time. However this debt is currently increasing at $4.1 billion per day. If we were to add in the predicted costs of the new health care package and the predicted costs of the cap and trade bill alone, the numbers increase dramatically. Now add the cost per year of 40 or 50 million illegal aliens now in our country with thousands more entering each year and your cost per person is beyond belief. Perhaps, you are fortunate enough to have the money to pay your share, but most of us, including myself do not have the money to pay our share.

But is this really our share?

  1. Do we really believe that the government should be paying trillions of dollars to bail out failed businesses?
  2. Do we really believe that the government should be paying trillions of dollars to pay for the health care of everyone in the country?
  3. Do we really believe that the Federal Reserve should have the authority to just print any amount of money they want?
  4. Do we really believe that the government of the United States has been a good steward of our money, spending it wisely so as to benefit the nation, the citizens, the business owners, the average American?

The answer to these questions is easy. NO! A thousand times NO! The American government has approached finance from an appeasement mentality. The approach is and has been, if it will get me re-elected or keep the people appeased for now, what do I care about the future. Well, the future is finally here and it is time to pay the price of our past indiscretions.

Does this mean that America is doomed to a dismal financial future? Absolutely not. We can take steps immediately to correct these problems. We can shut down our Southern Border. We can refuse to implement Amnesty bills. We can cut back on unnecessary spending. We can hold the government accountable by requiring a balanced budget just like you and I must have. We can bring back American jobs. We can stop the inflationary printing of money. America can and will have a great economic future if the people will demand that we bring our government to accountability in fiscal matters.

It is time to send genuine fiscally responsible people to Washington!

John Wayne Tucker

Why do American Politicians Have Such a Fascination With Amnesty? - 8 April, 2010

Why do American Politicians Have Such a Fascination With Amnesty?

Posted on 8 April, 2010 by admin

Border Wall

By now, everyone knows that there is a United States Congressman who fears that an additional 5,000 American troops in Guam would capsize the small island. As funny as that is, it scares the pants off me to think that the leaders of our country can be that stupid. Perhaps the Congressman is lying awake worrying now about H.R. 4321 which is an amnesty bill. Perhaps the Congressman is worried that America might capsize or just sink into the ocean because of all the illegals we will allow to come into the country and stay.

As stupid as that is, is it any less stupid of our Congress to consider an amnesty bill that by its own description would allow 11 million illegal immigrants to stay here with virtually free legal status? Especially when by most accounts, the number is closer to 40 or 50 million people. This bill includes portions of two other amnesty bills that have already been vetoed by the American people; not just once, but twice. Now, they hope to include those two bills wrapped up in a new package with even more ridiculous legislation hoping that Americans will be fooled.

In a time period when our own economy is faltering badly and jobs are more scarce than they have ever been in my lifetime, why would a government that cares about its people propose to basically absorb another country that is more economically depressed than our own? They have told us that illegals do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do. But just a week or two ago, there was a major protest at UPS because they were requiring people to verify that they were here legally. There were many who had worked there for a long time and would not be able to provide the evidence. I think a UPS jobs is something that a lot of Americans would like to have right now. Several illegals were caught right here in Missouri doing construction and the police were required to let them go. I think construction jobs are something a lot of people in Missouri would like to do. Who knows what jobs illegals may be doing that take food from the tables of American workers who cannot find jobs?

Let’s take a look at some of the provisions of this bill that Congress thinks is good for America:

  1. First, the proponents argue it is not amnesty because there is a penalty. If you are caught here illegally, you must pay a $500 fine. Of course, if you cannot afford to do that, there are ways around it. That seems sufficient penalty for people costing us $10,000 per year per person, don’t you think?
  2. By the way, there is no enforcement in place to take care of the fines and there is no provision to protect the border. That fence at the border. We won’t be needing that.
  3. Border patrol would undergo special training so as not to scare children.

  4. Immigration and Customs Enforcement could still pick you up, but don’t worry. There are provisions to help you out with that.

    1. If you have medical or mental health needs? You are free to go.
    2. Pregnant, nursing or have children? You are free to go.
    3. Supporting children or others or 65 years old? You are free to go.
    4. Victim of a crime, abuse, or violence? You are free to go.

  5. And enforcement by the Immigration and Customs officials may not occur in the vicinity of:

    1. Any place of worship
    2. School Day Care Center
    3. Legal service provider
    4. Hospital or health care clinic
    5. Funeral home or cemetery
    6. College, University or junior college
    7. A day care center, head start center or school bus stop
    8. Recreation center or community center
    9. A mental health facility

So, am I the bad guy for thinking this is ridiculous? Let me be clear that I have as much compassion as anyone for human suffering and need. The United States has a historical background of giving until it hurts to help the people of the world. Look at these statistics from 1980 to 2007 from the Census Bureau

It can never be said that America does not care. But we cannot just give away our country. I know that I have much to thank God for. I was born here and am thankful for it. But there are countries all over the world who struggle with this same issue every day and they have chosen to protect their borders. I have no problem with legal immigration. But there is a significant and well thought out process for that system. How is it remotely fair to tell the rest of the people in the world that they must wait and pay money and get health checks, etc. in order to come here legally, and then let 40 or 50 million people sneak in the back door?

When I am in Congress, there will be no sneaking by ridiculous amnesty bills without an outcry from me. My goal is to protect our borders, our Sovereignty, and our economic prosperity. No Amnesty, No Socialism, No Fascism, No Communism.

John Wayne Tucker

Time for the ALPHA Conservative - 1 April, 2010

Time for the ALPHA Conservative

Posted on 1 April, 2010 by admin

The Alpha Conservative

By the time you read this, you may have seen my two TV commercials. If you have not, they are available to view on my videos page or you can click on the small images below to view them on This election cycle is quickly moving toward the primary on August 3rd and it is imperative that you learn the difference between my opponent and me. That is why my campaign is going on the offensive by launching the first series of TV commercials and with your help we will hammer away mercilessly with new material on a regular basis.

I have an incredibly talented media team and volunteer staff working hard every day to make sure you are able to get the message that there is a real servant running in this race against a couple of well entrenched, monied interest led politicians with dirty hands. I can assure you that my excellent team will be working very hard to bring more media information to the forefront that will make John Wayne Tucker the household name that will bring crushing defeat to these politicians and the same old way of doing things.

You have heard it said many times that, “If you keep doing the same thing, you keep getting the same results”. So why do we keep electing the guys who have nothing to offer but deep pockets when there are real Conservatives with a heart for service out there? How many times will we elect the politicians who seem strong on issues and then go to D.C. and become the meek and timid wimp? It is way past time for us to elect the ALPHA Conservative. The Republican Party needs to be on the offensive, not the defensive all of the time. I can assure you that a heart for service does not mean being a wimp!

  1. I am going to D.C. to shake things up, not follow the crowd.
  2. I am going there to demand that we really get hold of our financial crisis that has been perpetuated by politicians for the past hundred years.
  3. I am going there to demand that we enforce the laws and protect our borders.
  4. I am going there to demand that we follow the Constitution.
  5. I am going there to demand that the Congress of the United States take their role as lawmakers and prevent the President and the courts from making laws.
  6. A servant who has no career goals of a political nature is the only one who can shake things up and get us on track.
  7. A servant who wants what is best for the country is the only one who can shake things up and demand that we do what is right for the country.
  8. A servant is the only one who will care enough about the people and the country to make the hard decisions.

I fear no one in Washington.

Make no mistake! If you send someone to Washington on the basis of deep pockets with no substance, you will regret your decision. I have already proven that I can do more for much less money in a campaign. In the last election, I took 30% of the vote with 4 candidates running. This was my first campaign and I spent only $720.00. The RNCC told me I would need $1.2 million dollars to win this election and I say that is a ridiculous waste. Please stop falling into that mode that we have to spend a fortune to elect a man to office. I can show you the Conservative, fiscally responsible way to win an election.

Furthermore, it is time to stop acting as though we cannot stop the decline and job loss in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. I have watched as St. Louis went from the 8th largest city in the U.S. in 1949 to the 52nd largest at the present time. It is time to wake up our economy and return St. Louis to a World Class City, not a 3rd Class City. I will not rest until that happens. Send the wimpy politicians home and let a man of action reduce the size of government, get government out of your personal business, and stop the runaway spending.

Your vote for John Wayne Tucker on August 3rd will insure that the LEADER is put back in the word LEADERSHIP.

John Wayne Tucker

Health Care Bill: Was it Constitutional? Was it Representative Government? - 25 March, 2010

Health Care Bill: Was it Constitutional? Was it Representative Government?

Posted on 25 March, 2010 by admin

Angry Tea Party

Well, Obama did what he promised. He delivered a massive Health Care Bill to the people of the United States. Of course, the way this was done has created more anger in the country than we have ever witnessed. Anger of this magnitude has not been seen since the Civil War, in fact.

So what has caused the massive anger and division?

  1. Is it the additional $85 Billion cost of this bill?
  2. Is it the fact that it pays for health care for illegals?
  3. Is it the fact that it is Socialized Medicine?
  4. Is it the fact that it limits health care that can be provided to you?
  5. Is it the fact that the elderly will be denied services because they are, well, too old?
  6. Is it the fact that it forces people to buy health care (however you accomplish that)?
  7. Is it the fact that health care rationing will occur?

YES! But the reason for such anger probably lies more importantly with the way this legislation was accomplished.

  1. Were you angry because your elected representatives did not listen to you?
  2. Were you angry at the arrogance of the government in cramming this legislation down your throat?
  3. Were you angry when you went to town hall meetings and your representatives just pushed the party line in spite of your protests?
  4. Were you angry because your protesting was dubbed “the angry mob”?
  5. Were you angry because everything was done in secret and not in the open?
  6. Were you angry because your representatives arrogantly stated that they did not read the bill?
  7. Were you angry that representatives ignored phone calls, letters and email?
  8. Were you angry that mass protests in D.C. and locally produced no results?
  9. Were you angry that the President and Nancy Polosi tried to ram the bill through without a roll call vote?

Ask yourself how much of this is Constitutional? The President has no power to legislate. That right is specifically given to the Congress. But since they have become so impotent, they have allowed Presidents and judges to do their work for them.

So the President made a deal at the last minute to get votes by promising an Executive Order to prevent public funding of abortion. This is in no way a protection from public funds being used for abortion. This order can be wiped out by the single stroke of a pen by the next President. Even this President can refuse to enforce the Executive Order he wrote. The only protection for life would have had to be in the bill itself. Is it Constitutional for your elected representatives to so deliberately ignore you? Perhaps, but in the light of our extreme anger, it becomes necessary to re-evaluate what our responsibility is in government. We must remember that we sent people there to follow our will. That is what a Republic is all about. We send people to D.C. to speak our collective minds. If the people in D.C. are not following our wishes and looking out for our best interests, then it is our responsibility to remove them and replace them with someone who does.

Of course, the problem is that we have consistently selected monied interests, lawyers and “good ole boy” politicians to control our government for so long that it has little resemblance to what was created by our founding fathers. If you are really angry, if you really want things to work the way they are supposed to work, look carefully in this next election.

There are real people. There are real servants who have offered themselves to serve your needs and the needs of the country. People who have no political ties, people who have altruistic motives, people who are not owned by any political party or any monied interests who have stepped up to the plate. It is time to look to these people for the real leadership you have longed for. Support these people financially, or volunteer or pledge to vote for them in the primary election August 3rd.

Only you can make the kind of changes you want in our government. Together we can stop this arrogant group of federal officers from cramming anymore Socialism down our throats.

John Wayne Tucker knows that you hold the power of government and you only lend the power to the people you elect. Exercise your real power and elect the kind of people who will not sit arrogantly in their offices and ignore you. Call, email, or write.

John Wayne Tucker is ready to listen to you. Please consider a donation to this campaign and let’s put these massively funded politicians out on their ear.

John Wayne Tucker

The Case for Educational Choice - 18 March, 2010

The Case for Educational Choice

Posted on 18 March, 2010 by admin


America was the first to provide a universal public education. This education originated from the desire of the first inhabitants to guarantee that their children would be literate in order to read and interpret The Holy Scripture. Most of this early public education occurred in homes and was done by the parents, especially the mothers. Sometimes an individual in the village provided education in reading and writing (both English and Greek), spelling, and a little math. Harvard and Yale Universities were created in order to provide education for the clergy. Preparing for the ministry was the only purpose for higher education.

Later as the country developed and began to expand westward, the land acquired from the Louisiana Purchase was surveyed and divided into townships. Each township was a 36 square mile area which was divided into numerical sections. The tax income generated from section number 16 was used to pay for the free public school.

Things are very different today. We still provide a "free" public education available to everyone. However, it is far from free and not feasibly available to everyone, even though it is freely given to illegal aliens. This system of education has far more problems than the vast majority of Americans realize and yet it is a vital part of our nation’s future and success. In spite of the massive problems faced by public education, there are significant successes too. Since I spent 27 years as a public school teacher, I feel that I am qualified to examine all of its problems as well as its successes.

Recent events have led to even more concern than we have had previously. The economic situation is leading some schools to be closed or consolidated. Kansas City has announced that they will close 50 schools in the fall. Many people do not realize that during the Great Depression in the 1930’s, most schools closed due to the lack of funds to pay for education. These students had no jobs and no schooling. The fact that we are starting to see school closings may be an indication that we have reached economic problems equivalent to the Great Depression. Time will tell as we watch to see if suburban and rural schools begin to close as well. Of course, the answer to this problem will certainly be met by the current administration with an influx of even more trillions of dollars printed on our hard working printing presses.

It is without apology that I explain that our public schools are a serious matter of concern. While I have seen some of America’s brightest minds and best students come through my classes, I have also seen many significant problems. There is no doubt that the future of Christian tolerance in the public school is meeting its end. During the last few years of my career, I was forced to defend my teaching of such topics in American History as the First and Second Great Awakenings, the religious heritage of our country, and the indelible impact that religion has played in our development in both the political and social realm. Each year of my last few years of teaching, I had to appear before a principal to defend my positions and curriculum. This was required in response to complaints received. I had to show the exact pages from the books that taught these things. To the credit of the administration, I was never told that I could not teach these historical facts, but it was obvious that they were becoming increasingly uncomfortable with it. In fact, there is a new movement in public education to eliminate many aspects of American History. The feeling is that we should not start with anything prior to 1776. Of course, this would leave out the Puritans and their struggle for freedom from religious persecution, as well as the religious impact on the development of our own Constitution and government structure. There is also a push to end the study of ancient civilizations such as Rome and Greece. It is difficult to comprehend how students will understand history at all with such important aspects missing.

Furthermore, the public schools hold significant other dangers for children. When I retired from teaching in 2007, the school started a “Gay and Lesbian Club”. Evidence of homosexual activity was common in the halls of the school. Open sexual behavior, drugs and violence were all seen regularly. I faced four death threats myself. People really have no idea how much is going on in the public school. However, let me clarify that I am still in favor of public education. Even though it obviously has significant problems, it can be and is very successful.

Consequently, other choices need to be made available to parents who wish to avoid many of the dangers in the public school. Of course, one of the choices is the parochial or private school. While these schools are free to approach curriculum on whatever level they please and are free to expel students for failing to follow rigid rules, they are not necessarily perfect places either. Although they can be expensive, they remain an important and valuable choice in education.

Another choice that parents have and should have is homeschooling. I know many who homeschool and have homeschooled. My nieces were both homeschooled and I had a very brilliant professor who homeschooled his children. In the case of my professor who homeschooled, they were part of a network of homeschoolers. Homeschool networks provide the things that are often brought up as failures in homeschooling. They provide a structure where many homeschooled children can get together for various educational experiences as a collective group, gaining social interaction with other children. Another advantage of these networks was that brilliant people such as my professor could provide the expertise that another parent might not have in a particular area. There is no education that can compete with the one-on-one education that is experienced in homeschooling. In my experience, homeschooled children have the most excellent manners, a closer relationship with their parents than publicly schooled children, a level of respect often not seen in other children, and generally perform at similar if not superior levels to public school trained children. However, this option is not right for everyone, as it creates the need for significant sacrifice. One parent has to dedicate themselves to the education of the children. Consequently, the homeschool family is a one income family in a time when that is almost impossible. In addition, the experience does not guarantee all of the attributes that were mentioned above.

The truth is that no one education system is capable of handling all of the children that we press into the system. Public schools would never be able to handle all of the children if parochial, private and homeschools closed their doors. Conversely, parochial and private schools could never handle all of the public school children and their parents may not be equipped or up to the challenge of teaching them at home. Each of these educational systems has their advantages and disadvantages, but I fully support the right of each parent to make the choice of which system they will use. Some make use of all of the systems at one time or another and some use only one system, but they are able to do what they believe is best for their child and their family.

John Wayne Tucker

Health Care in America - 12 March, 2010

Health Care in America

Posted on 12 March, 2010 by admin


American health care has become one of our most important political focus points in the past year.

While everyone has agreed that healthcare suffers from some problems, no one denies that it is arguably the best health care system in the world. The truth of the matter is that health care in nations around the world has skyrocketed to unprecedented and undreamed of possibilities. Today, because of the significant technological advancements in health care, it is possible to replace joints, replace heart valves, transplant virtually any organ, cure significant numbers of cancers, restore sight and hearing, reattach severed limbs and on and on.

This is a far cry from the days when I was a child and the family doctor came to visit me at my home (the doctor house call). When the doctor still came to the house, there was very little that he could do to restore you to health. His newest and greatest weapon against illness was anti-biotics and there were only a couple of varieties of that. These incredible advances that have come about in the past fifty years have been little short of miraculous. The things that are on the horizon for the next fifty years are even more miraculous and sound much like science fiction. It seems certain that those great increases in knowledge and medicine are a sure thing if we don’t do something to stop it. The possibilities of ending the aging process allowing us to live vital, productive and youthful lives until the day of our deaths are a real probability.

With that being said, we face one of the most critical times imaginable for health care in the United States. We are on the brink of having the federal government decide what is best for us. What is best in their minds, at least. The idea of changing all of this remarkable health care to a Socialized system seems unthinkable for more than one reason. The consequences of passing a Socialized medicine plan would have many disastrous consequences for American health:

  1. Doctors would be reduced to pay equal to that of teachers. The best minds will no longer be attracted to the medical profession.
  2. Advanced research would be stalled or stopped altogether.
  3. Extreme overcrowding of facilities would occur. This would mean significantly long waits for critical health care.
  4. The cost of health care would be spread out over the entire nation. You would not only be paying for your own health care, but for that of everyone else too.
  5. The likelihood of being able to keep your own doctor would be very unlikely. In fact, many of your doctors are already leaving the profession to avoid this fiasco.
  6. Doctors would be directed by the federal government with regard to procedures that would be allowed for you. In other words, rationing of health care.
  7. The federal government will be officially in the abortion business.
  8. If you think you have difficulties resolving problems with an insurance company, imagine trying to resolve an issue with the huge government bureaucracy that will result from this plan.
  9. Illegal aliens will be included in this plan (of course that is no surprise given the direction of the federal government at this present time).
  10. Many procedures have already been declared as unnecessary in preparation for this plan, such as regular yearly mammographies.

It would be possible to go on and on with this list, but you understand the point. Just to site a couple of real life examples of the issues surrounding Socialized medicine; I ran into a woman as I walked door to door during my campaign. She was a legal immigrant to the United States, but recounted how her brother who lived in their native country under Socialized medicine, was unable to even get even a test for his cancer before he died of it six months after attempting to get assistance. My own wife, a legal immigrant tells how in her native country, mammograms were free, but the wait was so long that many people just didn’t bother. She had never had such an exam until she got to America. Many of us naturally are concerned about the ethical problems related to Socialized medicine such as abortion, but there is also the question of life at the other end. Will the government decide that the burden of paying for all this health care is just too great and that we can save cost by just refusing to provide care to those who are considered too old or in too bad a condition to bother treating?

When we weight the possibilities of the fabulous future of health care against the disastrous future under Socialized medicine, it hardly seems that there should be any discussion at all. Of course, most of the people in America have already made their decision. And they have shouted their answer loud and clear to their elected officials.

But in typical fashion for this time period in our history, the elected officials refuse to listen and work, work, work to find a way to shove this down our throats regardless of how much we protest. “Let them eat cake” anyone?

John Wayne Tucker

The Main Issue is the Economy! - 6. March, 2010

The Main Issue is the Economy!

Posted on 6. March, 2010 by admin


Of all of the significant problems that the nation faces at this particular time, nothing is of more concern to Americans than the economy.

It is important that we understand something of how we got to this point. Where does one begin to describe the problems that we currently face? Let’s just suffice to say that this is a problem that has been around for a significant time and pick up the story with the Kennedy-Johnson administration. Until that time, the country was on a precious metal standard. Contrary to common belief, we were not on the gold standard at that time, but on the silver standard. Throughout American History, there were times of being on gold, silver and bimetallism (both gold and silver at the same time).

The point of being on this standard was that it created an incredibly stable currency. The value of the currency was tied to the gold and silver supply. Therefore, the country could not print more money than it had in gold or silver supply. The value of gold was a fixed rate throughout the entire time that I went to school from kindergarten through college. Throughout that time, gold was fixed at $35.00 per ounce. During the Kennedy-Johnson administration we abandoned the silver standard allowing for unlimited printing of money, which was finally accomplished under the Nixon administration. At this point, America began its decent into a dangerous abyss. The Federal Reserve could now print money whenever it was deemed necessary. Of course, this is the path to hyperinflation and unprecedented deficits. Hyperinflation takes place when the amount of money printed far exceeds the goods produced and there is a general loss of faith in the currency. The consequences are devastating. The inflation rate can vary from 100% over a few years to higher than 50% per month. Argentina, a gold rich nation, at one time experienced one trillion percent inflation, a seemingly unfathomable amount. Another devastating effect of hyperinflation is that the currency loses its value. Supply is too high, so the value of the money drops by devastating percentages. The result for most countries that have faced hyperinflation is the loss of most personal wealth and the eventual return to hard currency (no more paper money).

Of course, today the problem of hyperinflation is significantly more probable because we no longer really rely on paper money. Nonetheless, the United States has already turned to the printing presses (a most dangerous turn of events), as well as significant loans from China and other countries, in order to maintain the appearance of wealth and a sustainable economy. But the new development is the fact that most money transactions currently occur without the use of any currency exchange at all. They are simply electronic transfers, meaning that a computer transfers data to another computer. No paper currency, gold, silver or anything that has ever been used as a medium of exchange is ever used. It is simply electronic data. This kind of currency is more common than most people realize. We first started to use other currencies when it became convenient to use checks. They became money for us in that we simply took a piece of paper provided by the bank, filled in the appropriate amount to represent money which we presumably had in the bank.

In the past twenty years, we have found even more convenient methods such as the credit card and the debit card. To reiterate, this is not currency, gold or anything of value. It is simply a plastic card that is read by a computer which electronically transfers the money that we presumably have in the bank. Since banks and financial institutions control these exchanges, it becomes possible for them to manipulate the money supply to their advantage, much like the stock market can be manipulated by the big players. So in areas like the stock market, commodities markets and banking and financial institutions, we see massive amounts of wealth being created out of thin air. It is all wealth that does not really exist except on a spreadsheet somewhere, but that wealth can be spent just as easily as if it were gold or silver. The consequence of this is that now not even the government has control over the amount of money or wealth that exists in the economy. Therefore, the chances of hyperinflation and a total collapse of the economic structure increases significantly.

Is this something to fear? Yes, absolutely. In fact, it frightens me just to point out these things to you. So, what is the point here? The point is simply that the government has not done a very good job of managing our financial situation in the past 40 years and more. What they have done is a good job of fooling the American people into thinking that they have done a good job. We currently have a recognized unemployment rate of 11 to 12%. However, there are many that are not included in those figures, such as people who have given up looking for work, people who are self-employed who do not file for unemployment and a host of others. The percentage probably comes much closer to 20 or 25% by many estimates. These figures are staggering. Even if it is a legitimate 11 or 12%, it is still staggering. This is the first time in my life that I actually know large numbers of people who are out of work or suffering from under-work (not enough work to pay the bills). The reality is that these figures are very close to the unemployment figures of the Great Depression.

But the government has figured out how to make everything continue to look relatively normal instead of looking like the Depression of the 20s and 30s. However, this façade cannot last much longer as the economy strains more and more to hold on to a hope of recovery. We already see the government grasping at every straw to hold on. For example, they are trying their best to take control of every pension fund they can and convert those pensioners to the rolls of Social Security. They are also putting liens on houses that are owned by the elderly who are in nursing homes so that the home cannot transfer to the children upon their death. These are only two examples of the numerous things they are doing which directly affect the lives of the people of America.

Even the Constitutional separation of powers has been threatened by this dilemma. When they passed the TARP Bill, the Congress of the United States abdicated much of their authority to the President of the United States. Now the President has assumed much of the power that rightfully belonged to Congress, resulting in the authority to nationalize industries and banking institutions, etc. Of course, all of this is unconstitutional, but that does not seem to matter to them.

So, what do we do? We must send people to Congress who are willing to make the tough decisions, those who recognize that the budget must be a balanced one. We must send people who recognize that Americans must have jobs – not poor jobs – good jobs that provide solid middle class incomes and secure futures for us and our children. We must send people that are not headed to Congress just to grab all of the wealth they can for themselves and to self-perpetuate their wealth schemes at the expense of American success. It will take a while to recover from this crisis, but it can be done and it will be done when we stand together and tell the government to stop gambling away our future for their selfish desires.

As a footnote, let me explain that I am not suggesting that we immediately adopt a gold or silver standard. To do so, would have the devastating effect of making money almost completely unavailable and everything would come to a grinding halt. The economy would simply stop. This would be a very bad thing. But we must insist on a balanced budget. These problems, which have taken so long to create, will not go away immediately in a quick fix, but they can go away.

John Wayne Tucker

In-State Tuition to Illegal Aliens - 28. Feb, 2010

Missouri Wants to Give In-State Tuition to Illegal Aliens - What???

Posted on 28. Feb, 2010 by admin

Senator Jolie Justus

In a recent article by KBIA 91.3 FM, it was reported that Democrat Jolie Justus of Kansas City is sponsoring a bill asking Missouri to allow so called “undocumented immigrant students” to be allowed to attend Missouri Colleges at in-state tuition rates. She is apparently concerned about them not being motivated to study and getting involved in gangs because they know they have no future after high school since they have no documentation to work. Having been in the public school system of the State of Missouri for 27 years as a teacher of college level American History and government, I feel particularly well qualified to comment on this issue.

How many things do you suppose could possibly be wrong with this? Well, Firstly, it is more and more apparent that the government wants to make certain that we move the word illegal into the realm of political correctness. In order to be politically correct, we must refer to illegals as undocumented. Of course, this is just a guise to cover up the fact that the government has declared itself to be impotent with respect to enforcing immigration laws.

Secondly, the cost of schooling a child in American public schools is almost $10,000 per year (national average). That is $120,000 per illegal immigrant for twelve years of schooling. Add to that cost the extra services, such as English as a Second Language which requires at least one teacher per district and often a whole staff of teachers. Add in the probability of government assisted lunches and other services, we are talking major expense for the state. The estimated annual cost for bilingual education nationwide is $12 Billion Dollars. Bilingual education—the teaching of Mexican and Central American children who are either anchor children (birthed here in the U.S.) or were Border jumpers themselves in Spanish—means that they have little chance of truly assimilating into the English language and American culture and thus become a burden to taxpayers.

Thirdly, the suggestion of congresswoman Justus is that these students will probably not be able to afford the tuition anyway and will probably need tuition help also. On top of all that, colleges now provide remedial educational assistance for students who are not up to “speed” in reading, math and other academic areas as well as more English as a Second Language classes (a significant addition to the cost of education).

Fourthly, the state will not allow people to cross the border from any other state and receive resident tuition. Any legally born American Citizen who wants to go our colleges must pay an out-of-state tuition which is higher. What is wrong with this picture? Crossing a state border legally will cost more for college, but having crossed the United States Border illegally will result in a benefit.

Fifth, these students are simply not supposed to be here at all. We are dealing with illegals who cost us well in excess of $120,000 per student per year, deal with their gang related activity at great cost and danger to the community and the police, and pass them through our school systems expending more resources when they are unmotivated rather than being thankful that they have not been sent back to their lawful place of residence. The cost of averaging in these other factors of their illegal status drives the cost related to these “students” to significantly higher than $12 Billion per year as well as escalating other social problems.

Finally, once we have assisted the illegal in acquiring all of this education with the promise that they will apply to become a permanent U. S. Resident (presumably ahead of immigrants who have come here legally), do they now compete with genuine American Citizens for the best jobs we have left? It seems like just yesterday that the U.S. argued that the illegals provided a valuable service to us by doing the jobs that nobody else wants to do. Now, they are not satisfied to do them either? Who will we have to import to do those undesirable jobs now? Yes, I am being facetious.

Is this all a difficult concept to understand? Or have I just lost touch with reality?

John Wayne Tucker

Note: To see the original article that led to this essay, please follow this link:

Article from KBIA News.

Chuck Farneth endorses John Wayne Tucker - 25. Feb, 2010

ESPN Gold Medalist Fly Fisherman Chuck Farneth endorses John Wayne Tucker for Congress!

Posted on 25. Feb, 2010 by admin

Picture of Chuck Farneth

If you watch ESPN-TV and love the sport of fishing, you have probably seen the casting techniques of fly fisherman Chuck Farneth. He received a bronze medal in 2000 and 2002, and a gold medal in 2001 when he participated in the Fly-Fishing competition in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games in Lake Placid, NY.

He currently operates Outdoor Legacy, an organization that uses a variety of brief, intensive experiences to instruct in the arts of fly-fishing and authentic manhood, while building deep and lasting relationships.

Chuck had the following to say about the John Wayne Tucker campaign:

“Recently, I have had the opportunity to meet John Wayne Tucker at a banquet that supports family values and youth involvement through the outdoors. We spoke briefly and I was impressed with an individual that had a core value system similar to mine, as well as the courage to take a stand for people like myself and others in this country. My first thoughts were John was a local politician and he would not be a representative for me. I was wrong. John Wayne Tucker wants to be a spokesman for me and others as a U.S. Congressman! It is refreshing to know that there is someone that is willing to serve, and protect the citizens of this great country and what is was founded on.

Our Constitution is being threatened like never before and John Wayne Tucker is eager to step up to the plate for me and others. Thank you John for giving up your life to save the lives of others as well as the lives of those that can't speak for themselves.”

Born and raised in the Carondelet area of South St. Louis, John Wayne Tucker has always lived and worked in the 3rd Congressional District. He currently lives in Arnold, along with his wife Natalie and family. John was licensed to preach by the Carondelet Baptist Church in 1967 and ordained in 1969. He attended Missouri Baptist University, Southwest Baptist University, Truman State University, and Webster University. Tucker obtained his B.A. from Missouri Baptist University and a Master's from Webster University. He completed an additional 45 graduate hours (equivalent of 1-1/2 additional Master’s degrees) from Southwest Baptist University and Truman State University.

In 1980, Tucker became a teacher in the Mehlville School District where he taught for 27 years. He taught classes in American History, Government, and College American History. He also served as a wrestling coach, and sponsor for both the Ham Radio Club and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

After meeting Chuck Farneth, John shared his thoughts:

“Meeting Chuck Farneth was an exciting experience. Here is a man nationally known for his expertise in fly-fishing and quite sought after as a spokesman, and yet he was as down to earth and friendly a person as you would ever want to meet. His presentation was well mixed with his statements of how his faith has made his family very close and strong and how faith has played an integral part of everything he has done in his life.

I am honored when other men of faith recognize that same quality in me and are excited about sharing their commitment to putting people in office that have a moral compass and a passion to restore America to its greatness.

Thank you for your endorsement Chuck. I appreciate your confidence in me, and I pray that others will follow your lead.”

John Wayne Tucker as the Independent Conservative Republican - 16. Feb, 2010

John Wayne Tucker as the Independent Conservative Republican

Posted on 16. Feb, 2010 by admin

You might be wondering why I am billing myself as an Independent Conservative Republican. The reason is both simple and complex at the same time. The simple reason is that I do not have the endorsement of the Republican Party. Since I ran in the last election and did not have the party’s endorsement there either, you may wonder where the problem lies. Especially when I came in a very close second in the primary against their endorsed candidate who spent around $100,000 while I only had $720.00 and there were four candidates running. That was a pretty good showing. So, why wouldn’t the party pick up on that?

The reason for that is (and this is where it becomes somewhat complex), political parties want to breed people for the jobs. They want you to start early and run up through the ranks to various political positions. They would be happy to have me run for some state office. It has been suggested many times to me. (I don’t do that because I am not just interested in being involved in politics.). Why do that? Because it helps you get to be known? I suppose it does to a degree. But known by whom? Known by the political party? This way, you develop a dependence on the party. You know the hoops you have to jump through to get to the next step. You have offered favors to politicians and they have become dependent on you as you have become dependent on them.

Now you are a part of the “good ole boy” system. They can call on you to do what they want, not necessarily what is right. Ask yourself why so many Republicans are known as RINOS (Republican in name only). It is because they claim to be Republicans and hold to the party’s general platform. But in office they act differently. This is because they are playing politics.

The fact of the matter is that we don’t need any more politicians who have come up through the ranks of corruption, deceit and self-fulfilling goals. We don’t need any more people who are there for themselves and not the people. We don’t need any more “good ole boys”. We need people who are committed to the concept of State’s Rights; people who know that they are not there to cram things down the people’s throats; people who know that they are there by the grace of God and the will of the people; people who understand that they have been lent the power of the people.

Please let me make this clear. If you look at the difference between me and my opponent, you will find that my life has been given to service. While I have never held any elected political office, neither has my opponent (although he did work for our Governor, scandal caused him to be fired from that position and the Governor eventually left politics). This does not mean I do not have experience. I have a lifetime of experience watching our country make one self destructive mistake after another. I have a lifetime of experience teaching political science and American History.

I have spent a lifetime in ministry. I have a lifetime of experience as a resident who has lived and worked in the district and faced all of its problems and successes. I have watched our district decline year after year so that there are few companies left to provide jobs. In 1950, St. Louis reached its peak, ranking 8th in the cities of the U.S. with a population of just under 900,000 people. The Democrats took control of the 3rd District in 1949 and have held power since that time. The City of St. Louis now ranks number 52nd with a population of around 300,000. Companies have left in large numbers and jobs are difficult to find. I believe I know why jobs and companies are not returning to St. Louis and I plan to help the District make growth happen again.

When elected I will do these things for our country:

  1. Get our budget corrected by requiring us to balance the budget.
  2. Return us to a moral compass.
  3. Require the government to protect our borders.
  4. Protect our rights under The Bill-of-Rights
  5. Introduce legislation designed to undo the devastating things that have been done under the current administration.
  6. Fight against the Socialist/Fascist agenda which threatens to make us all equally poor.
  7. And far from last, I will work diligently to protect the rights of the unborn to LIFE.

What I will do for our district is make economic growth a priority and return St. Louis to a World Class City again instead of a third class city.

Unlike my opponents who have always felt free to use my ideas and coined phrases such as “Rubber Stamp” Russ without my permission, I would like to quote J.P. Mellana (candidate for California’s 50th ), “PRINCIPLES BEFORE PARTY.”

I quote it because I believe it. I quote it because he said it first.

Ed Martin Cancels Debate! - 12. Jan, 2010

Ed Martin Cancels Debate!

Posted on 12. Jan, 2010 by admin

John Wayne Tucker stood up by Ed Martin for political debate. After agreeing to a public debate, Ed Martin cannot find time to meet in public forum.

Coward Ed Martin

The Patriotic Resistance Modern Conservatism and Independence Caucus worked hard to set up a meeting where John Wayne Tucker and Ed Martin, both candidates for United States Congress in Missouri’s 3rd District would meet the voters and present their views to the public. After agreeing to this meeting Mr. Martin now has withdrawn at the last minute citing that he cannot find the time for this meeting.

John Wayne Tucker would like to make it clear that he will meet publically to discuss the issues with Mr. Martin at any time and any place in a fair public forum. “Let’s stop Mr. Martin from playing “good ole boy” politics and face a non-politician so that the people can make a real decision”, says Mr. Tucker.

Mr. Tucker, a Baptist Minister, former school teacher and University Professor is not a politician, while Mr. Martin has been involved in “good ole boy” political activity for a long time. “America is supposed to be about real people having the opportunity to present their message and serve the people, not about people building political careers of wealth and power”, says Mr. Tucker. “But if the system is so ingrained that politicians can cut a real person out of any public forum, the people have no opportunity to know who is their best choice”, Mr. Tucker said.

Congressional Salary - 15. Jan, 2010

Congressional Salary

Posted on 15. Jan, 2010 by admin

John Wayne Tucker, candidate for U. S. Congress in Missouri’s Third District to donate half his Congressional salary to the 3rd District:

John Wayne Tucker, candidate for U. S. Congress in Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District wishes to make it known that he is well aware that the nation faces an economic depression due to long standing government fiscal errors and other issues. Furthermore, he recognizes that the St. Louis Metropolitan area faces significant economic difficulties due to years of businesses moving from the area or closing their operations altogether.

In light of all of these difficulties, Mr. Tucker believes that it would be inappropriate to accept a large Congressional salary when many of his constituents are suffering economically. Therefore, Mr. Tucker wishes to announce that when elected as Representative of the 3rd District of Missouri, he will donate a full half of his after tax Congressional salary to a not for profit organization that he will create for the purpose of giving back to the community. This money will be used to provide various benefits for the 3rd District including, but not limited to, scholarships, schools, parks, community needs, emergency health costs (especially for children) and other community projects.

This commitment is for the duration of Mr. Tucker’s tenure in the United States Congress assuming that he can afford to live under these circumstances (as Mr. Tucker is by no means a wealthy man). Should he be unable to continue this commitment, Mr. Tucker will resign his office immediately.

Mr. Tucker states, “This election is not about me. It is about the nation and the people of the 3rd District. My only motives in seeking this office are altruistic. Among my goals are to help the nation recover, regain its moral compass, correct the blatant fiscal errors of the past, protect life, fight against the Socialist agenda, protect the borders, protect the freedoms of American Citizens, and restore St. Louis to a World Class City once again.”

Pat Boone Endorses John Wayne Tucker - 15. Dec, 2009

Pat Boone Endorses John Wayne Tucker for Congress

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John Wayne Tucker, Republican Candidate for the Missouri 3rd Congressional District Receives Endorsement of Pat Boone

Picture of Pat Boon

Pat Boone, the well known singer, actor, TV host, producer, songwriter, author, motivational speaker, TV pitchman, radio personality, record company head, TV station owner, sports team owner, family man, and humanitarian, has given his endorsement to John Wayne Tucker, Republican candidate for the Missouri 3rd District Congressional seat. Boone believes Tucker holds the right positions and convictions to represent the 3rd District and the people of the United States in Congress.

Boone who describes himself as a man unafraid to air his views, has involved himself in a couple of personal projects: “For My Country,” a musical acknowledgment to the National Guard that Boone wrote himself, and regards as a follow-up to his Pledge of Allegiance pitch, “Under God,” recorded a couple of years ago, which became Boone’s 61st hit record. Tuned to current events, close to Boone’s heart and views, both stirred up debate as well as sales. “It’s not just liberals who can stir things up through recordings,” he says.

Born and raised in the Carondelet area of South St. Louis John Wayne Tucker has always lived and worked in the 3rd Congressional District. He, his wife Natalie, and family presently live in Arnold. John was licensed to preach by the Carondelet Baptist Church in 1967. He attended Missouri Baptist University, Southwest Baptist University, Truman State University, and Webster University. Tucker obtained his B.A. from Missouri Baptist University and a Master's from Webster University. He completed an additional 45 graduate hours (equivalent of 1-1/2 additional Masters Degrees) from Southwest Baptist University and Truman State University.

Tucker became a teacher in the Mehlville School District in 1980, teaching American History, government, and College American History. He served as a Wrestling coach, sponsor of the Ham Radio Club and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Boone chose Tucker due the fact he is a man of faith and strong Pro-Life supporter with solid Conservative Values. "I strongly support State sovereignty and the Constitution of these United States," said John. Tucker went on to say "I believe it is the duty of a Congressman from Missouri to provide real representation to the people of their district."

Traveling to Washington D.C. - 04. Dec, 2009

Traveling to Washington D.C.

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I visited some of the nations largest conservative and religious groups

FRC (Family Research Council) -- This organization heady by Tony Perkins works very hard to protect Life and family values in America. I met with Timothy Potter at the FRC to assure them that I am a genuine believer in the values that they support. Please visit for more information about this important organization.


National Right to Life -- I met with Karen Cross and Tim Wehmore from National Right to Life where I assured them that life at the beginning and at the end have been a committment of mine since I was a child. You don't have to be very old to know right from wrong. This issue is a no compromise issue with me.

The Heritage Foundation -- Most of you are aware of the incredible work of The Heritage Foundation. They have a significant wealth of information and experts on every topic and they made several of them available to me. I was able to discuss Health Care, Energy, and National Defense with PhD experts while there.

The Religious Liberation Foundation -- This is an office of the Southern Baptist Denomination. I met with Dr. Barret Duke and we had prayer together.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) -- Here I met with Brian Walsh and we discussed the winability of the 3rd District as well as the monetary support necessary to win this district. The short of this is that I need your financial support in a significant way. Please donate as much as you possibly can if you wish to protect the values that we hold dear here in the 3rd District of Missouri.

National Rifle Association

The NRA -- Here I met with Liz Williams, the lobbyist to congress for many congressmen including Russ Carnahan. It seems that Mr. Carnahan does not see the issues of the NRA to be important enough to support. That is too bad, because the people of the 3rd District like their guns. I pledge to support our rights to keep and bear arms as well as to carry them.